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50 ml

  • Relieves the signs of skin aging
  • With coenzyme Q10
  • Moisturizing
  • 100% NATURAL
  • Handmade

The wrinkle-eater contains distilled water, rose water, olive wax, coconut BIO oil, almond oil, avocado oil, coenzyme Q10 and a few drops of benzyl alcohol, without which the moisturizers cannot last.

Wrinkle Eater is a hand-whipped moisturizer made from distilled water, rose water, olive wax, organic coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil, coenzyme Q10 and a few drops of benzyl alcohol, without which the moisturizers cannot last. Who wouldn't want to have beautifully soft and hydrated skin and moreover only thanks to the "touch" of nature? Wrinkle Eater is such a "touch of nature" concentrated in a 50ml glass bottle.

Wrinkle Eater is a natural hand-whipped moisturizer that not only hydrates the skin, but also effectively alleviates the signs of skin aging, even though 99% of the content is based on natural ingredients. We recommend it as a prevention for younger grades, as well as for daily care for more mature skin.

Wrinkle-eating is beautifully absorbed and does not leave oily skin. You may be struck by its orange-colored color. Coenzyme Q10 lends this Wrinkle Eater in the purest possible form. However, you do not have to worry that a color film will remain on your skin after applying the cream. Coenzyme Q10 supports the cell renewal phase by actively maintaining the energy needed to improve skin regeneration.

Wrinkle-eating is beautifully absorbed immediately after application, the skin remains perfectly soft and hydrated, it will simply pamper your skin. When you try Wrinkle Eater for the first time, you will find that the hunt for anti-aging cream is over.

We make it from only eight raw materials. This is one of the fundamental differences between commercial products and "domestic" ones.
Don't expect perfemation. Our "anti-wrinkle" cream really smells very soft on the rose water.

We believe that you will also fall in love with the Wrinkle Eater and will be happy to return for him.

Our range is suitable for all nature lovers, regardless of age, and is very popular, especially with customers with atopic eczema, acne, psoriasis and other skin problems, because that's what we thought about the most when inventing recipes.
Homemade hand-whipped creams are a great alternative for all those who do not want to put on chemistry and, like us, have a relationship with our beloved mother Earth.
For atopic eczema and other difficult skin, we recommend combining our creams with our soaps.

Tip for you

Before applying Wrinkle Eater, use, for example, our Lavender soap or Tea Tree soap, which is also great for make-up removal (eyes closed so that the soap does not get inside).

Wrinkle Eater

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