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Blackberry seeds are a treasure trove of more than 100 active substances with a wide range of properties.

Oil pressed from seeds is a valuable cosmetic raw material.

It is especially recommended for the care of combination, oily, acne and dirty skin.

  • This oil contains a large amount of fatty acids necessary for the functioning of the body, vitamins A, C and E, biotin, sterols and microelements. Thanks to this, it effectively supports the regeneration of the skin, prevents the formation of scars or reduces those that have already formed.
  • Relieves redness and reduces pigment spots.
  • Reduces excessive hair loss and acts against dandruff.
  • Prevents excessive oiling of the scalp and adds shine to the hair.

Nigella Sativa (Black Seed) Seed Oil

The oil can be applied to moist skin all over the body, preferably right after the bath.

Bath addition: Add a few drops of oil to the water.

Hair care: Apply a suitable amount of oil to slightly damp hair, massage in and wrap the hair in a towel. Leave on for min. 30 min and then rinse with a gentle shampoo. As a regenerating serum, rub a small amount of oil into the ends of the hair.

100 ml

OLEIQ Black seed oil

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