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This oil is obtained during the cold pressing process of cherry seeds .

It has a light consistency and a delicate aroma. In its composition, it has unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A and E and flavonoids, thanks to which it shows broad care properties for the face, body and hair. It is especially recommended for dry, sensitive, mature skin with dilated vessels. Intensively hydrates, nourishes and shuts down. Improves vascular flexibility, relieves inflammation and irritation. When used on hair, it nourishes and adds shine and protects the pigment of colored hair.

The oil can be applied to moist skin all over the body, preferably right after the bath.

Bath addition: add a few drops of oil to the water.

Hair care: apply an appropriate amount of oil to slightly damp hair, massage in and wrap the hair in a towel. Leave on for min. 30 min and then rinse with a gentle shampoo. As a regenerating serum, rub a small amount of oil into the ends of the hair.

OLEIQ Cherry seed oil

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