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Czech Handmade Bio Candles
Naguanagua Collection
Let yourself be carried away by the waves of uniqueness of each candle with a different story. Naguanagua candles are inspired by the beautiful, wild Venezuelan nature.


Our candles are made from purely natural organic soy or coconut wax. These waxes are certified to be 100% natural. Neither coconut nor soy wax contains any pesticides, herbicides or petroleum additives (paraffin) and, unlike paraffin candles, does not increase the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.

If we color the wax, we use purely natural resources, such as Turmeric or Moringa ... We transport most of our raw materials from our travels around the world. We have Moring, for example. from the heart of Cebu in the Philippines, coffee beans from our favorite market in Haifa, Israel, where our second home is located.


Limited collection: Each candle is original, handmade and hides a whole range of different mixtures of fragrant oils and herbs or dried fruits. So far, we only offer limited collections. We will soon present our permanent collection.


Bring a piece of Venezuelan paradise home ...

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We enclose an envelope with each purchase (candle), which contains all the information.

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